This page is a work in progress!! There’s still a lot to be done, a lot of pictures to be taken, a lot of information to be put together, but i have a TON of info to put. This home page is very bare at the moment as i’m working on getting the parts page together with as much info as possible. There’s some old info on the frames page that I put together a few years back, this section will also be getting completely re-done with updated info and much better photos.The homepage will be built out at a later date!

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Hoffman Bikes was started in 1991 by Mat Hoffman and co. The bike company was started in response to Mat needing a stronger bike to ride as he was breaking just about everything he rode at the time. This website is dedicated to documenting the people, products, events and everything else that that Hoffman Bikes did from 1991 through to 1996 when they moved production outside of the USA.