hoffman day smith alloy pegs

Hoffman Day Smith Loc'ed Pegs

Hoffman Day Smith Loc’ed pegs were the signature flatland pegs that were released for HB Team rider / flatlander Day Smith. They were alloy pegs geared towards a flatland audience.

There are 2 versions of these pegs. I’m going to call them V1 (proto/blem?) and V2. This stands for version 1 and  version 2.  V2 pegs have two different variations for front and rear. You might be wondering what I’m talking about with the V1 pegs, see below for a full explanation of why I’ve called them blem/proto pegs. The front and rear pegs for V2 are very similar but the rear pegs have had the tapered section removed near the dropouts and are now flat for better surface area connection to the dropouts (see the pics on the v2 section, you’ll understand).


3/8″ / 10mm
4.5″ / 11.43cm
DAY SMITH V1 DIAMETER: 1.75″ / 4.445 cm
DAY SMITH V1 WEIGHT (1 single peg): 0.225kg / 0.496lb

DAY SMITH V2 FRONT AVAILABLE COLOURS: Silver, black, blue, gold, red
3/8″ / 10mm
4.5″ / 11.43cm
DAY SMITH V2 FRONT DIAMETER: 1.75″ / 4.445 cm
DAY SMITH V2 FRONT WEIGHT (1 single peg): 0.224kg / 0.493lb

DAY SMITH V2 REAR AVAILABLE COLOURS: Silver, black, blue, gold, red
3/8″ / 10mm
4.5″ / 11.43cm
DAY SMITH V2 REAR DIAMETER: 1.75″ / 4.445 cm
DAY SMITH V2 REAR WEIGHT (1 single peg): 0.251kg / 0.553lb

These were around mid 95 ish. It’s not an exact date, it’s just a rough estimate. A more concrete date will be added after i look through some mags and videos.


So… These pegs are a lot like the Laural & Hardy pegs with regards to where they were made. Again, this is a little long winded, so i’ll do my best to keep it as simple as possible. V1 pegs are raw in their finish. You can tell someone has taken a block of alloy on a lathe and machined down a set of these pegs. They haven’t been finished in any way like the V2 pegs. I don’t know if Kris Gack made them, or if they were outsourced to someone else to make, but i’d say 99% these pegs are definitely USA made. If I had to guess, i’d also say there was only 1 run of V1 pegs made.  V1 pegs are really rare to find. V2 pegs is where things get a bit more…. well… difficult. V2 pegs are anodized finish. Silver, or the colours above, but they were all anodized finish. I’m not really sure where these pegs were made. V2 pegs came in a bag with a header card that was the same as V1, and it had MADE IN THE USA on the header card, but the V2 pegs continued to be put on the complete bikes until at least 2000, and maybe later. I’ve compared a set of the NOS bagged V2 pegs with the MADE IN THE USA header card, to a set that came on a a 1998  Hoffman EP complete bike (Taiwan Made bike), and the pegs are literally identical… the exact same machine marks on the pegs….. so, that brings me to ask the question. Ramp Room shut down mid 96, if they were RR made, then how did the exact same pegs continue to show up on complete bikes into the year 2000. Did Hoffman have massive amounts of stock? If they did, did they get complete bikes made in Taiwan, then ship them to the US and put the pegs on the bikes before sale? (i doubt this) Were the pegs made in Taiwan all the time and put on the bikes over there when the bikes were made? Did they switch out making them in the US to making them in Taiwan somewhere in those years, but somehow get an identical peg made? It’s really hard to know exactly, but it’s worth noting, because there’s a lot of Day Smith pegs out there, and I’m pretty sure from V2 onwards, they weren’t RR made, and I’m curious about if they were made in the US at all, but I can’t be 100% sure on this. It’s just a little chain of thought that I don’t have the answer to.

Me ranting aside….Read on below to learn some more about the actual parts!

Day Smith Loc'ed Pegs V1 (proto/blem?)

V1 Loc’ed pegs are a bit of an anomaly when it comes to these pegs. Around 2013, I made a purchase of some Hoffman Bikes parts from a collector in the UK. In that lot was a pair of Day Smith Loc’ed pegs still in the bag. Here’s a picture of those pegs. The pegs were never used, and the header card is still sealed to the plastic bag. There’s a slit in the bag so you can remove the pegs, but i believed this was the factory packaging for these pegs.

hoffman bikes day smith loc'ed pegs v1

At the time, I had a bunch of sets of Day Smith Loc’ed pegs, but these ones were different to all the sets I had. They seemed to be a lot less polished. Like someone had just taken a block of raw alloy and machined it down, then shoved it in the bag for sale. There was no anodized finish like all the other sets I had. The knurling was also different compared to all the other sets. ALSO… the bag was different. The other NOS sets I had were in a long bag where the pegs were in longways, not side by side as the above pic. Here’s a picture of the V1 pegs next to the widely available for years V2 pegs.  Both pegs are the same length, they’re just a bit off center in the picture. Design wise, the pegs are the same.

hoffman bikes day smith loc'ed pegs v1 + v2

At the time in 2014, I didn’t think too much of it, these v1 pegs I had in the bag went into the parts pile as I had plenty of sets of the V2 pegs to use if i needed (they were pretty easy to find NOS sets in 2013).

Fast forward to 2015, and I put out a wanted post asking  if anyone had a pair of pegs that were the same as the V1 pegs I got from the UK. I got a message from a person in the US saying he had a set of those exact same pegs still in the bag he would sell me. The catch was, he couldn’t take a photo because he didn’t own a camera… and he wanted to be paid via Paypal friends and family… So, a random person who i didn’t know replied to my message saying he had exactly what I was looking for, still in the bag unopened, but he couldn’t take a photo.. and he wanted to be paid via a method that I couldn’t claim if they never showed up. NOT SCAMMY AT ALL….. Well, I wanted the pegs, so I took the punt. They weren’t cheap either, but I wanted to make the set pretty badly, so i sent the money. After I sent the money, I didn’t get a single reply from the seller to say he got it, or he posted the item, he just went quiet and never replied again, to any of my messages. A few weeks went by and I was pretty sure I’d been scammed… ah well, it was a gamble and I lost around $100usd. Around 8 weeks went by, and i got a package…… I couldn’t f’n believe it. it was the pegs… still in the bag…. it was exactly what the guy said it was. So, now I had 2 pairs of these pegs, in the same packaging, one had come from the UK, one had come from the US. I had a set, but more curiously, it almost confirmed that HB did sell these pegs in this packaging at some stage.

hoffman bikes day smith loc'ed pegs v1


Just for reference, here’s what all the other V2 bagged NOS Day Smith pegs look like in their packaging. They all come bagged long ways, not side by side as above.

hoffman day smith loc'ed pegs v2

So I have these pegs, and I’m pretty sure these are an early set of Loc’ed pegs that HB made. I have no real way of verifying this, but it just makes sense that someone made these pegs on a lathe somewhere, and then the production moved to someone that made the anodized pegs that… well… are a bit more of a polished product. They’re the same pegs, but the finish is just more polished in terms of looking like a brand new product, over a raw aluminium finish of theses V1 pegs I have. I’ve only seen these pegs in the tapered version.

Fast forward a few years, and I find a post that Kris Gack made on Instagram in late 2015… In the post he shows a list of pegs he made.  If you look at the peg second from the right, you can see it’s the same as the V1 pegs I found. Kris describes them as “#6 was the Day Smith CNC’d USA made proto (or blem lol) ’95”.  If you look at the #7 item on his list, it’s the V2 pegs, and he calls them “#7 was a production model sample 96-97″…. I’m noting the lack of “USA Made” in his description here… If you read my intro about where these pegs might be made….. just sayin…..

So… these are the exact same pegs as the ones i got. Kris is calling them proto/blem pegs. I was right on the cnc part of it! I’d say Hoffman Bikes made some of these pegs and sold them before they started on the “production model”. I got 2 pairs, one from the UK, and one from the USA, still in original Hoffman packaging, that was the same…. so they had to be sold in some capacity before they moved to the V2 pegs.


To date, I’ve never seen another set of these V1 pegs outside of the 2 pairs I found in the bags… if you have some, share some pics! There has to be more of them out there!!!

Here’s a few more pics of the V1 pegs.

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

Day Smith Loc'ed Pegs V2

V2 pegs are what you will probably see when you see a set of these. I guess you would call these the regular Day Smith pegs.  There is a front and rear pair. The rear pegs have a flat edge where the axle hole is, and the front pair are tapered there like the v1 pegs. This design is for clearance so the pegs fit all the way on the axle without hitting the fork legs. You can see both pairs below, rear on the left and front on the right.

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front and rear

These came in a similar packaging to the v1 pegs, the header card was identical, but they were packed longways in a tube like bag, as opposed to the v1 side by side.

hoffman day smith loc'ed pegs v2



hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front


hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

These pegs are in the 1995/96 product catalog. The pegs on display in the catalog are the V1 pegs.

hoffman bmx catalog 1995


These pegs were originally available in silver, but there were some other colours released in later Taiwan years (around 96/97 and beyond). Gold, blue, black and red are colours I’ve confirmed do exist. There may have been other, but i’ve never seen any others. In the green header card packaging, i’ve only ever seen silver pegs though. Just for completeness i’ll show this ad from the 97 product guide, it showcases the other available colours. It’s later than this site generally covers but here’s the pic.

Hoffman day smith pegs

I can confirm every one of those colours did exist as a product that was sold, not sure on the packaging of them though, and the coloured ones were definitely in the later years, after the shutdown of the ramp room production, but given the note at the start of this page about manufacture locations… who knows where they were made.

Here’s a few more pics of a V1 and V2 peg side by side to compare differences.

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

hoffman day smith loc'd pegs front

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