hoffman laural and hardy pegs

Hoffman Laural & Hardy Pegs

Hoffman Laural & Hardy pegs were 2 different types of pegs that were named after the famous Laurel & Hardy comedians. Now if you look at these comedians, one of them was a fairly skinny guy, and the other was a little thicker built. Laurel was the skinny guy, Hardy was the larger built one. Laural pegs are the skinny ones, and Hardy pegs were the fatter ones. They were often used as a set of Laural and Hardy pegs on bikes, Hardy on front and Laural on the back, or the other way around.  Just for the record, here’s a graphic to explain clearly.

Now, before anyone messages me and complains about the spelling of the word Laural/Laurel, here’s why it’s different. The comedians name was Laurel, spelt with an e. Hoffman Bikes pegs were spelt Laural with an A. This is how it’s spelt on the header card of the original product, as well as the advertising from Hoffman Bikes. So, Hoffman pegs are spelt Laural, with an A.

Another thing about these pegs, I’m not exactly sure where they were made. I don’t know if they were made in the ramp room, or if they were outsourced to someone to be made. The reason I say this, is a little long winded, but hear me out. Laural pegs were definitely around in the ramp room days in 95, but they also showed up on a number of the first generation Taiwan made Taj completes, and in the 97 Hoffman Bikes catalog after the ramp room production had shut down. So, i’m not sure how the complete Taiwan Taj bikes ended up with these pegs on there. Were the pegs always made in the USA and the bikes got shipped to the US, and then Hoffman put the pegs on after they arrived? Were the pegs made in Taiwan? Were the pegs originally made in the US and then production moved to Taiwan? Then you have the Hardy pegs. Hardy pegs were not only around in the ramp room days, they continued to be around for a number of years after, into 98-99 at least, and maybe later. I’ve had a set of NOS original Gack carded Hoffman Hardy pegs, and I put those next to a NOS carded set of Hoffman Hardy pegs from around 99 with the flame header card, both sets NOS…. and the pegs are identical. I’m talking, literally identical, even down to the exact same machine marks on the ends of the pegs.  So, does that mean the pegs were made by the same place all along? Were  they made in the USA all along? Were they made in Taiwan? If they were made in the USA, did they continue to be made there into the later years 97/98/99… Who really knows. I’m just putting this out there, because I’m not sure these pegs were ever actually made by Hoffman in the RR, but I could be completely wrong and one day, hope to be able to verify this. The original Gack header cards on these pegs when they first came out had MADE IN USA printed on the card, so I’m going to run with they were at least made in the USA in the early days. See the pics of the header cards I’m talking about below.


3/8″ / 10mm
4″ / 10.16cm
LAURAL DIAMETER: 1.25″ / 3.175cm
LAURAL WEIGHT (1 single peg): 0.189kg / 0.416lb

HARDY AVAILABLE COLOURS: CHROME (after ramp room days also black)
3/8″ / 10mm
4.5″ / 11.43cm
1.5″ / 3.81cm
HARDY WEIGHT (1 single peg):
0.274kg / 0.60lb

I really have no idea on these at this stage. They were around in 95, I’ll just put a tentative date of mid 95 for the availability of these. It could change in the future after i pour over magazines and videos.

Another thing to mention about Laural pegs, is they are so often incorrectly identified. Hoffman Bikes released an updated version of the Laural pegs called “Big Shots”, which is pretty much the exact same design, only these pegs are made a fair bit fatter, hence they are no longer called Laural pegs. They also weren’t made in the USA days, they came a bit later, but given what I don’t know about who was actually making the pegs, it’s possible big shots were made in the USA? I just don’t know, but they were well after the ramp room shut down that they came out.   There is going to be a small section at the bottom of this page detailing the differences to help with identifying your pegs correctly!

Now that’s all out of the way. Below is a section for each Laural, Hardy and Big Shot/other pegs.

Laural Pegs

Laural pegs are the skinny pegs. This is what a pair looks like.

hoffman laural pegs

hoffman laural pegs

They only came in 3/8″ hole size, there was no 14mm version. If you have a pair of actual Laural pegs and they are 14mm, they have been drilled. Here’s a guide for sizing, they are 4″ long and 1.25″ diameter at the ends where the ribbed section is. The peg has been slightly machined down at the other end (to create the raised ribbed section) and it measures a slightly smaller diameter 1.18″ at the end where the pegs sits against the dropout. Hopefully the pictures below along side the ruler will serve as a good guide so you can ID your pegs easily.

Hoffman Laural peg measurements

Hoffman Laural peg measurements


Hoffman Laural peg measurements

Below is a picture of the original header card for these pegs. This is a very early days packaging header for these pegs. This is the only picture i have of the original Laural pegs header. You can see the “Laural Pegs 1 1/4″x4″ steel” is ticked on the back of the header. The header card was the same for Laural and Hardy pegs in the early days. (note, Laural is spelt with an a, not an e)

hoffman laural pegs

This pic is from the 95-96 Hoffman Product catalog. (again, note the spelling of Laural, with an a, not an e)hoffman laural pegs

Here’s a pic of Laural pegs from the 97 Hoffman product catalog.hoffman laural pegs in the 97 hoffman catalog

This ad was run in the November 1995 BMX Plus issue. It’s a new Hoffman ad showing the Laural pegs in a “Buffet-o-Pegs”Hoffman bikes magazine scan

Hardy Pegs

Hardy pegs are the fatter pegs. They taper down a bit on the end that sits on the dropouts. This taper is for increased dropout clearance on your forks if you run these directly on your axles.  This is what a pair looks like.

Hoffman Hardy Pegs

Hoffman Hardy Pegs

They came in 3/8″ hole size, I’ve never seen 14mm versions from the factory. Here’s a guide for sizing, they are 4.5″ long and 1.5″ diameter at the ends where the ribbed section is. The peg has a tapered section at the other end and it measures a  smaller diameter 1.19″ at the end where the pegs sits against the dropout.

Hoffman Hardy Pegs Measurements

Hoffman Hardy Pegs Measurements

Hoffman Hardy Pegs Measurements



Below is a picture of an original pack of Hardy pegs in the very early Hoffman Gack branded packaging. I used to own these pegs in the packaging but sold them…. I’m trying to get a better pic from the new owner, but until then, this is all there is.

hoffman hardy pegs

This pic is from the 95-96 Hoffman Product catalog.hoffman hardy pegs

Here’s a pic of Hardy pegs from the 97 Hoffman product catalog.hoffman hardy pegs

This ad was run in the November 1995 BMX Plus issue. It’s a new Hoffman ad showing the Hardy pegs in a “Buffet-o-Pegs”
hoffman hardy pegs



Small extra picture. Laural and Hardy side by side to show size, and Laural pegs actually fit inside Hardy pegs.

Big Shots....

OK… this is the part about the very often incorrectly names big shot pegs… After the Ramp Room days around mid 96, Hoffman Bikes continued to make bikes and parts. This includes pegs. There were different pegs that came out around 97. These pegs are NOT Laural pegs, they are called Big Shot pegs. The confusion comes from the fact that the design is pretty much identical, only the pegs were made larger in diameter, and there is 2 slightly different variants of them. One for front and one for rear. I don’t actually own a set of Big Shot pegs anymore, so I can’t do as detailed comparison, but there’s plenty of pics online so i’ll use those.  Big shot pegs DO NOT fit inside of each other like Laural & Hardy pegs do. To look at, it can be really hard to tell Laural pegs apart from Big Shot pegs, because it’s the same peg, but they’re larger diameter.

hoffman big shot pegs

Few more pics of Big shot pegs.

hoffman big shot pegs

hoffman big shot pegs

I’ve seen Big Shots called Laural, Hardy, Laural v2, Hardy v2…… They are Big Shots! Just saying!

Who really cares if people call their pegs the wrong thing? Well, i’m just going on about it because here’s what happens. The actual Laural pegs are quite sought after, and people are willing to pay more for those. They can be pretty hard to find now days. Hoffman Big Shot pegs are a LOT more common… there is a LOT more sets of those floating around than there is Laural or Laural and Hardy. People see a set of real Laural pegs get sold, and they think that their Big Shot pegs are worth the same amount, so they go and incorrectly label their pegs as Laural pegs to sell them, and sell them to unsuspecting people who don’t really know what they are buying so well. I’m not saying everyone does this, but it does happen, people call their pegs Laural pegs because they know they are much more sought after vs Big Shot pegs… so, hopefully the above info helps people make more informed decisions when searching for period correct parts for their bikes!

To make matter worse… there are fake Laural pegs that have been made. I can’t really tell you how to ID them, I would use the chrome… if pegs aren’t chrome then that’s a red flag straight away, but if they are chrome, you can usually tell modern chrome form the original 90s chrome pretty easily. Modern chrome is much more shiny compared to older chrome.

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