hoffman maxi and mini lite bars

Hoffman Maxi / Mini Light Bars - RR

Maxi + Mini Light bars were released to go with the Hoffman Flash racing frame that was released. These bars are made to be lighter than the regular Hoffman bars which were built to be really strong and not worry about weight so much. There’s not really a lot to say about these bars. Maxi Light bars¬† came with blue and red stickers, Mini Light bars i’ve seen with a red sticker, not sure if they came as blue stickers as well? The differences between the two different bars are minimal. They’re basically the same handlebars except the Maxi Lite bars are slightly wider and have more up and back sweep.

MAXI LIGHT AVAILABLE COLOURS: Chrome (there may have been other colours). With red or blue stickers.
MAXI LIGHT WIDTH: 66.04cm / 26″
MAXI LITE WEIGHT: 0.775kg / 1.70lb

MINI LIGHT AVAILABLE COLOURS: Chrome, Red (there may have been other colours). I’ve only seen red stickers, they may have had blue as well.
MINI LIGHT WIDTH: 64.13cm / 25.25″
MINI LIGHT WEIGHT: 0.77kg / 0.169lb

RELEASE DATE: Approx second half of 1996. This date is just a rough guestimate based on the release date of the Flash.


Hoffman maxi light bars

Hoffman maxi light bars

Hoffman maxi light bars

Hoffman maxi light bars

Hoffman maxi light bars

Maxi Light red sticker.


This picture shows the different in sweep between the two bars. MAXI Light bars on the left, MINI light bars on the right.

You can see the ad for the Hoffman Flash below, this ad started appearing in BMX mags around August/September 1996. It doesn’t picture them, but it references the new Maxi and Mini Light bars.

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